Toolkit on teacher codes of conduct

A toolkit to help users to design and effectively use teacher codes of conduct

eForum on Teacher codes of conduct (26 November to 7 December 2012) (In French Only)

Various countries have endeavoured to design and implement teacher codes of conduct to regulate teacher behaviour. They consist of a set of recognized ethical and professional standards to which all members of the profession must adhere. Their main objective is to provide self-disciplinary guidelines through the formulation of professional conduct norms.

Experience, however, shows that although the codes are often perceived as useful instruments, they are not always effectively used due to various factors, e.g. lack of information about the codes; absence of training for teachers; low capacity to implement the codes; and limited knowledge about the procedures for lodging complaints. Consequently, the efficiency and impact of the codes are often questioned.

Within this framework, IIEP conducted several activities to explore some of the conditions required for codes to be effective, including an international survey, the development of guidelines, and the creation of a new website that provides examples of country codes. These materials formed the basis of discussions during the e-forum held from 26 November to 7 December 2012 on the following topics:

  • key issues to be covered by the code;
  • strategies to ensure its proper enforcement; and
  • ways to monitor its application

Consult the detailed agenda of the upcoming discussions:

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The same eForum was conducted in 2011 in English. More than 900 educational development professionals from all over the world participated in the discussions.

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